Premier Drive Presents Space Week!

Space Week on Premier Drive | 5th – 9th September 2016

There was a host of exciting guests from the world of science talking about their faith, and how it relates to the galaxy we live in on #PremierDrive recently. 

The exciting line up included the Pope’s Astronomer Brother Guy, Ralph Winter the Hollywood movie producer of the original Star Trek Films, The Star Wars Vicar, Bishop of the Moon Ken Clapham; and Hannah Earnshaw, an aspiring astronaut, who’s signed herself up to go on a one-way mission to Mars….

Plus, on the 8th of September, we celebrated  50 years of Star Trek with some very special guests – including Kevin C Neece, the author of ‘The Gospel According To Star Trek’!

You can listen again to everyone who took part below.

Plus, as a little bonus to round off the week, we asked Hannah Earnshaw to answer your questions about her mission to Mars. Here's what she had to say:

Monday 5th September

Revd Ken Clapham, from Liverpool, is well-known for speaking about space travel in schools and his links to NASA in America.He began his ministry at St Cuthbert's Church in Over Kellet in 1983 and has since welcomed two astronauts to his village.

An Oxford and Cambridge professor who has published nearly 600 papers in science, and worked on some of the biggest projects in our time, including spiritual discovery through science, and how we can use science as a component of theology. He chats to Loretta about his faith in science and in God.

Cris is a huge Star Wars fan and uses his love all of all things sci-fi to engage with the community his church serves in East London. He talks about people the 'Jedi' religion that some people use as their religion on the national census, as well as how we should all be engaging our passions outside of the Church.

Tuesday 6th September

A Jesuit Priest and director of the Vatican Observatory, Brother Guy has spent his entire life talking about the stars and galaxy we live in. He reports to the Pope and is passionate about how science and theology can live side by side.

He reports the observatories findings to the Pope each year and is passionate about how science and theology can live side by side. Here he explains to Loretta about how the 'Big Bang' was actually coined by a Priest.... 

Wednesday 7th September

The current President of this institution, established in the 1930's, talks to Loretta about space travel, its advances, and the discoveries it has made along the way, including some of Biblical significance, as well as revealing whether Star Trek's Warp Speed is ever likely to become a reality...

Could you leave everything you know and love behind to embark on a one-way mission to Mars?

That's exactly what Hannah Earnshaw has signed herself up for.

Here Hannah shares why she wants to embark on one of mankind's biggest adventures with the Mars One Project, and how she plans to take her faith with her...

Thursday 8th September – 50th Anniversary of Star Trek

It's exactly 50 years ago today that Star Trek hit the screens, and to mark the occasion we hear from Kevin C Neece - a Star Trek fan who has found a connection between this long standing TV show and the Gospel.

Could Mr. Spock be compared to God? He believes so...

Ralph Winter, the multi-award winning movie producer that was involved with some of the original Star Trek movies, as well as more recently producing the X-Men and Fantastic 4 series of films (to name but a few!), talks to Loretta about his faith. 

He shares some of the stories behind the making of the Star Trek movies, and debunks some of the rumours and myths from years gone by, as well as what Christian films he’d love to bring to the big screen.


Friday 9th September

Space Week Director’s Cut Edition: We gathered all the amazing material we couldn't include in the previous days, to this exciting space blend for you to enjoy and launch your knowledge even further..

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