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Last on: Sunday 27 Dec 19:00 pm

Premier Christian Radio has relaunched much-loved show Travellers' Tales with new presenter Hannah Scott-Joynt.

"When I was 16, I got interested in radio. No idea what sparked it. But it was clearly more than a mild affliction because my mum went so far as to plead, on her knees I gather (most undignified), with the communications officer for the St Albans Diocese, who was also a presenter and producer on the local radio station, to talk to me about it.

He did more than that. He taught me how to record and conduct interviews, and got me presenting on Chiltern Radio’s Sunday morning show - the first time I presented live was from a tent at the Greenbelt Festival.

That was some time ago, and that man was the legendary Patrick Forbes, well known to Premier listeners as presenter of Travellers' Tales for a number of years. Last year he decided to hang up his microphone after an extraordinary 700 shows and graciously mentioned it to me as something I might like to think about.

Actually I didn't need to think about it very much. Complete no-brainer. What an amazing gift! To be able to sit down with people of faith and talk to them about how they live it. How (in the great Forbes tradition) they first bumped into God, and the twists and turns of the road He's walked with them since. 

So, listen out for: Alpha main man Nicky Gumbel talking about his German Jewish heritage, Lord Leslie Griffiths on his impoverished neighbours giving a penny a week to get him through grammar school, Tina Heath on post-natal depression (even more difficult when you're known as a cheery Blue Peter presenter), and Elizabeth Oldfield on her meteoric rise at just 27 (God's timing, not hers) to be director of the thinktank Theos.

That's just a taste of what's to come on the new Travellers' Tales. I hope you'll join me on the journey."

Hannah Scott-Joynt


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