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Soon after my Dad was diagnosed with cancer, I went along to a 24-7 prayer event at one of our local churches.  I had the place to myself, and I spent a long time there, encouraged by the way it was set... More

Darlington is a very long way north. It wasn’t until I was whizzing past York on the train that I realised just how far north I was heading (geography’s never been a strong point), but the trip was so... More

An Anglican priest, writer and broadcaster, Jo Jepson made headlines as a curate when she took on a landmark legal case over the issue of cleft palate abortions, catapulting her into the media spotlight... More

It was an enormous privilege to meet John Fieldsend. A very lovely man, with a remarkable story.Now a retired Anglican clergyman, he was born to Jewish parents in Dresden in 1931 – but when the rise of... More

So I’m in Oxford again this week, to meet another very big brain….and this one has made it his business to take on Richard Dawkins - him of The God Delusion - and play him at his own game. Not intimidating... More

This summer I spent a day in Oxford, talking to some academics with brains the size of planets, and feeling like ‘a bear of little brain’ myself! But, wow, they were inspiring, and, as with all my Travellers'... More

I’ve known about Mothers' Union for many years – my mum’s been a member since I was a child, my dad was a member too, so it’s not just for mums, or even for women! So it was lovely to catch up with the... More

I’ve known about Mitri Raheb for a while. My parents spent time with him, at his church in the centre of Bethlehem, when they led a pilgrimage to the Holy Land ten years ago. They gave me one of his books... More

One of the main speakers at this year’s Greenbelt Festival was Brian McLaren: prominent pastor, best-selling author, activist and speaker, who was named by Time magazine in 2005 one of the 25 most influential... More

Over the August Bank Holiday I was at the Greenbelt Festival, a wonderful weekend of faith and justice, friendship, and fellowship. I’ve been going, on and off, for the last 30 years and it feels like... More