Hannah on meeting Graham Ward

This summer I spent a day in Oxford, talking to some academics with brains the size of planets, and feeling like ‘a bear of little brain’ myself! But, wow, they were inspiring, and, as with all my Travellers' Tales guests, left me with so much to ponder about my own faith.

The first you’ll hear is Graham Ward, Regius Professor of Theology, based at Christ Church. We went to his house, actually on the quad….one of the most beautiful there is….but he was quick to point out, as he does to his students, that the place is much like an MGM studio set in its perfection and gorgeousness – it’s not real life.

And he knows about real life, coming as he does from a Salford childhood, with no money and as principal carer, aged just 13, to his mother and younger brothers. You’ll hear a brutally honest account of his journey to faith, and to an apparently unlikely academic career, which is fascinating and humbling, on Travellers' Tales this Sunday at 7pm. 

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