Hannah on meeting Steve Chalke

Steve Chalke is a busy man - Baptist minister, founder of Oasis Trust, pastor of Oasis Church in South London, speaker, campaigner, businessman, MBE, and an incredibly well-known evangelical leader.

But apparently he's also a bit of a rebel - most recently what’s got him into the most trouble was a piece he wrote supporting committed, faithful, same-sex relationships. Repercussions are ongoing, with the Evangelical Alliance discontinuing Oasis Trust’s membership earlier this year.

So I was really glad to sit down with him to find out how he’s coped with the fallout. He talks about what drove him to take the stand, and where he is with it all now. And, going back to the start, how unrequited love led him to bump into God aged 14 outside Crystal Palace football club, and how in that moment he understood the plan for his life.

Hope you can join me and Steve Chalke, Sunday 24th August at 7pm.

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