Travellers' Tales with Alister McGrath

Sunday 2nd November 2014 - 07:00 pm

So I’m in Oxford again this week, to meet another very big brain….and this one has made it his business to take on Richard Dawkins - him of The God Delusion - and play him at his own game. Not intimidating at all!

But Professor Alister McGrath is particularly interesting as he started out as a "‘bold, brilliant, brave" (as he thought at the time), aggressive atheist himself. He talks of his frustration with the Church for not taking on Dawkins, and the feeling that it was something he just had to do himself.

He describes his own excitement at discovering God - that if it was all true, it changed absolutely everything. As a scientist, he needed to be convinced intellectually, because that’s the person he is and the way his mind works, but he talks of how we each need to figure out our faith at a level we can handle, as the person God has made us to be. And he’s brilliant at explaining exactly what it is that convinces him.

I was enthralled by the way he talked about his faith, and loved his reassurance, as a scientist who’s examined it from all angles, not to be afraid to dig deeper, and properly explore what we believe. 

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