Travellers' Tales with Charlie Cleverly

Sunday 30th November 2014 - 07:00 pm

So at the end of my summer's day in Oxford, I met Charlie Cleverly, rector of the huge evangelical St Aldate's Church in Oxford and also, rather wonderfully, the place where as a student he first heard about Christ.

He told me about how it was wanting to get back with a girlfriend who’d subsequently become a Christian, that got him reading the Bible for the first time. Turned out well because they married, and have children and grandchildren!

We chatted about the challenges and privileges of serving in Oxford, where the nations of the world land on their doorstep, what he’s learnt through desperately sad times like the sudden death of their first child as a baby, about how to cope with the dark nights of the soul we all experience, and the importance to him now of spiritual discipline and how we all need to find space to be quiet….so that we don’t miss the God-given, life-changing moments and encounters that are all around us. 

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