Travellers' Tales with David Marfleet

Sunday 23rd August 2015 - 07:00 pm

David Marfleet has been a bit of an action man in his time – his training as a paratrooper, and army and SAS helicopter pilot on the frontline in 1970's Northern Ireland turned out to be the best possible preparation to be a pilot with Mission Aviation Fellowship – which involved moving his young family out to West Papua, one of the most remote and challenging regions in the world. For most of us that would feel like a huge deal...for David it fulfilled the conviction he’d had since he was seven that, one day, he would be flying helicopters for God.

He’s fascinating on the whole tricky question of missionaries taking western culture and assumptions into what was effectively a stone age culture, and the challenges of preaching the Gospel to people who didn’t understand the concept of love in the same way as us, for whom pigs are a symbol of wealth and prosperity (makes the Prodigal Son quite tricky) and who’ve never seen a sheep (the Good Shepherd….Lamb of God? You get the picture….). And he talks about how his part in the relief work following a disastrous earthquake was what he felt his whole life had been leading up to.

David now runs a consultancy helping small charities operate as effectively as they possibly can...helping good causes become even better. Find out more at Giving the Best. And do listen to him, chatting with me, on Travellers' Tales!

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