Travellers' Tales with Dianna Gwilliams

Sunday 16th August 2015 - 07:00 pm

When you go to meet the Dean of a Cathedral, you don’t generally expect to find them in rubber gloves, digging around outside the back door searching for a manhole cover.

That’s how I found Dianna Gwilliams of Guildford, in the middle of a bit of a domestic sewerage incident, and, typically I suspect, getting stuck in with sorting it herself!

And that’s not the only way she bashes through the stereotype. Five foot nothing, with an asymmetric pink fringe and straight-talking approach, she was raised in California, and came here 37 years ago as sound engineer for a touring Christian musical, after God showed her the UK in a vision as she drove along the highway.

She never left.

She talks about becoming a Christian in the US mega-church movement when, as a teenager, she’d be part of a congregation of 30,000, how the sudden devastating death of her first daughter gave her a different way of talking about what happens when we die, the hostility she got from some Christian quarters as a divorcee and a priest…..and what that priestly role means to her.

Don’t miss her on Travellers' Tales.

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