Travellers Tales with J John

Sunday 9th November 2014 - 07:00 pm

J John and I had met before, and it was lovely to spend time with him again.

After coffee and cake with his staff at the Philo Trust HQ (a very civilised way to start the day), he described the moment – and he can trace it exactly - he bumped into God as a student. Instantly his evangelistic zeal kicked in, and the following morning he bought breakfast for 5 homeless men and told them about Jesus! He told me about his ongoing commitment to preaching the Ten Commandments, which has led to thousands of pounds worth of stolen goods and weapons being handed in at his events, how he feels when people respond to his altar calls, his sadness that his parents have never come to terms with his faith and what he does…..and he tells me what the J stands for!

Engaging, funny, humble….utterly committed to serving God and trusting him for everything. That’s been the way he and his wife Killy have always lived, and it shines out of them both.

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