Travellers' Tales with John Bell

Sunday 27th July 2014 - 07:00 pm

It’s such a privilege to sit down and talk with amazing people like hymn-writer, Iona man, and all round good guy, John Bell for Travellers' Tales!

Maybe you sing ‘Will You Come and Follow Me?’ at your church – we do, and its words never fail to challenge.

‘Will you love the ‘you’ you hide if I but call your name…Will you quell the fear inside…Will you use the faith you’ve found, to reshape the world around, Through my sight and touch and sound in you, and you in me’.

Wow. Personal, profound, putting into words our very real feelings about ourselves, but what God is able to do, with us and through us, if we are willing.

John talks about how he writes songs, the challenge of finding those words to express what people are dealing with in the fault-lines of life, what it feels like to encounter God….and how awful the weather can be on the stunningly beautiful, sacred place that is the island of Iona!

Hope you can join me, Hannah Scott-Joynt, with John Bell, Sunday 27th July at 7pm, here on Premier Christian Radio.

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