Travellers' Tales with Lynne Tembey

Sunday 19th October 2014 - 07:00 pm

I’ve known about Mothers' Union for many years – my mum’s been a member since I was a child, my dad was a member too, so it’s not just for mums, or even for women! So it was lovely to catch up with the current Worldwide President Lynne Tembey for Travellers' Tales.

She absolutely shines with enthusiasm for her job, seeing it as a privilege, a gift and a blessing. You can hear that enthusiasm as she talks about the way she’s inspired in her faith by the lives of the organisation’s 4 million members across the globe. How the feeling as a teenager of being called to serve God overseas, dismissed by friends as being a bit crazy, lay dormant while she did marriage and family life but came to fruition all these years later in this job that she loves, and the way prayer is central to her, and to the members, in a daily wave that spans the world.

Do join us, Sunday 19th October at 7pm on Premier Christian Radio.

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