Travellers' Tales with Peter Hutley

Sunday 9th August 2015 - 07:00 pm

This year on Easter Saturday, my husband and I took our 8 year-old to Guildford High Street; not for shopping, but to see the last days of Jesus’ life, his death, and what came after, played out in front of us. It was incredibly moving and very powerful – we were all captivated. It brought our faith to life for my son, and I hope those images stay with him forever.

Guildford High Street was busy, but the day before, Good Friday, thousands had seen the same thing in Trafalgar Square!

It was originally written by successful businessman Peter Hutley, as was a version of The Nativity, and the epic Life of Christ, for performance on the beautiful Wintershall Estate in Surrey, home to Peter and his family for the last 50 years. When they first did The Nativity in their barn 25 years ago, they had no idea it and the subsequent plays would become annual events, completely taking over their lives and their home, and that over the years tens of thousands of people would see the plays, and be moved and changed by them.

Now nearly 90, Peter’s a remarkable, humble man, fairly astonished by events of the last 25 years - how it all came about is a wonderful story, which I loved hearing. And I absolutely loved meeting him - I hope you do too.

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