Travellers' Tales with Rachel Mann

Sunday 23rd November 2014 - 07:00 pm

I heard Rachel Mann speak at Greenbelt 2013, and was immediately struck by her honesty and openness….because she’s got quite a story. Now an Anglican priest in Manchester, poet in residence at Manchester cathedral, passionate about rock music, she was born a boy called Nick, and the journey to become Rachel has been a long, complicated one, at so many points full of suffering and pain, both physical and emotional, but also -  and she makes this abundantly clear - overflowing in grace.

She’s fascinating on what it was like growing up with this huge, fundamental, secret she felt she had no choice but to keep, and praying each night for things to be different when she woke up. How, soon after being honest with her parents, and herself, at the age of 22, God also became real to her, followed swiftly by a calling to the priesthood that wouldn’t go away. And she has a very particular perspective on suffering, and how God meets us in the darkest places.

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