Travellers' Tales with Stu Hallam

Sunday 5th April 2015 - 07:00 pm

Stu Hallam is a chaplain with the Royal Navy. Unlike many armed services chaplains, he’s commando-trained, which means that when he joined the Royal Marines for two tours of duty in Afghanistan, he went out on patrol as one of the lads, (no use saying God’s with them as they step out onto open ground, if the chaplain’s not prepared to step out too)…in as much danger as any of them, not knowing whether his next step was onto a landmine, or round the next corner a Taliban ambush would be waiting.

Stu quotes a saying that "there’s no such thing as an atheist in a foxhole" and, certainly, he finds it an enormous privilege to minister in an environment where people talk about the big stuff very easily, confronting as they do the ultimate questions of life and death on a daily basis. So he’s there alongside them to confront those questions too, praying with a horrifically injured friend as he dies, and finding a way to tell the lads, and share their grief.

Meet Stu, as he talks to me on Travellers' Tales on Easter Sunday at 7pm.

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