Travellers' Tales with Val Ogden

Sunday 10th August 2014 - 07:00 pm

Methodist Minister Val Ogden has never been to Fiji before….neither have I, but I’m not the one heading off there to take up a post at the Pacific Theological College! Surrounded by white beaches and crystal blue seas, it’s doesn’t seem a bad place to be called to!

Find out how it came about and what she’ll be doing there on this week’s Travellers Tales - she talks about her passion for ecumenism and mission, how the early death of her deeply Christian and much beloved father shaped her life and faith, and the importance, as Christians, of being real, speaking it like it is for each of us – not someone else’s story, but ours. She shares how, quite simply, telling our story is the key to sharing our faith.

Hope you can join me, Hannah Scott-Joynt, with Val Ogden, this Sunday 10th August at 7pm, here on Premier Christian Radio.

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