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Woman to Woman is a lively up-to-the minute show especially for today's Christian women. If it's affecting you, we'll talk about it.  Join Maria Rodrigues and guests as they discuss the issues that shape your life. Lifestyle, parenting, sexuality, women in leadership – no stone is left unturned. Plus you can have your say too in our phone-ins. Woman to Woman is the only national radio show dedicated to Christian women today.

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Rachael Newman and Penny Lyon share their thoughts on the church and mental health. Has there been any progress? Is the topic still taboo? What can we put in place to ensure we have good mental health?
Hear Vel Thompson and Grace Famoriyo share their stories of finding God in the darkest of times. In conversation with Maria Rodrigues.
Emma Waring is a sex therapist and author of ‘Seasons of Intimacy’.

Nia Cerise is a young YouTuber who has a passion to share the impact that a relationship with God can have on your relationships and life.
Rev Charlynne Boddie is a missionary and evangelist from Colorado who runs schools which are designed to help people from business backgrounds, churches and even the US military to hear the voice of God. She has authored books on the impact that hearing God can have in everyday life. Find out more by visiting www.charlynne.com

Michelle Moran is leader and a founder member of the Sion Community for evangelisation and author of several books on evangelism. She has spent many years working as President of the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services, which has included working alongside Pope Francis.
Christian sex therapist Emma Waring offers advice on how to deal with problems with sex in a marriage and author Jill Southern tells us what the Bible says about sexual intimacy.
MICHELLE BATES’ brother was wrongly accused of murdering TV presenter Jill Dando, but rather than the change of verdict from ‘guilty’ to ‘not guilty’ bringing great joy, the family realised that they were suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Where was God in the midst of it? Also, hear VICKY WALKER talk about how the digital world is simultaneously a platform for women and a place for attack.
EMMA STARK of the Glasgow Prophetic Centre shares powerful stories of God speaking to her and LIZ EVANS explains how God speaks to us through our dreams. In conversation with Maria Rodrigues.
As Halloween approaches minister CHARLYNNE BODDIE reminds us that demons and evil are no joke. Also HELEN AZER talks to us about the importance of having a sense of purpose in life. In conversation with Maria Rodrigues.
Hear Pastor LINDSAY MELLUISH talk about having vision for a healthy church, SARAH CHAPLAIN managing life with only one hand and Pastor CELIA APPEAGEI-COLLINS talking about uncovering the call upon our lives.

JANE CLAMP shares her story of recurrent miscarriage and PASTOR JO NAUGHTON takes us through the steps to healing the wounds of our heart.