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Last on: Saturday 27 Dec 12:30 pm


Exploring the deity and humanity of Jesus. What happened in Mary's womb and other questions. Steve Maltz... More
When did Jesus's ministry start? What was the significance of his baptism? Steve Maltz and the Saffron... More
When did Jesus become a rabbi? What did he look like and wear? Steve Maltz and the Saffron Planet team... More
Looking at the religious climate in Jesus' day. Was Jesus really a carpenter? Steve Maltz and the Saffron... More
The Yeshua Explored team chat about the real meaning and facts of Christmas. More
The Gospels tell us little of the life of Yeshua (Jesus) in the "missing years". This doesn't mean we... More
A lively group discussion on the Jewishness of Jesus by Steve Maltz and the award-winning Saffron Planet... More