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Big Breakfast

Saturday 15th June 2019 - 08:00 am

Do fathers get the recognition they deserve, or can their efforts often be sidelined or deemed not good enough? 

Sadly, there is one group of dads who continuously get a bad reputation - black fathers.

Last Father’s Day, Marvyn Harrison decided that he was going to send an encouraging message to fellow black dads he knew via a WhatsApp message…and the rest they say is history – Dope Black Dads was born and has since caught the attention of everyone from the BBC to Good Morning Britain.

On Saturday’s Big Breakfast, we are going to give fathers the space to discuss what fatherhood is really like, as we welcome Donald Mbeutcha and Mervyn George, from Dope Black Dads, onto the show as we find out more about the negative narrative that they are trying to change. 

Join Craig Wakeling for three hours of music, competitions, guests and fun for the family!

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