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Last on: Saturday 09 Nov 8:00 am

Being able to use your words to connect with an audience is a very powerful tool. Add a rhythm and rhyme,... More
Imagine starting a business, valued at £2.5m after just one year, but based on Biblical principles…Tune... More
As we move into our 4th week of The Big Breakfast Summer School, we will be learning a skill that you... More
Writing and publishing a book, is on the bucket list of many people – But where do you start? Angela... More
Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world, with approximately 1.1 billion speakers, yet of those... More
During the Summer Holidays, we will be treated to some inspiring guests who will each also teach us a... More
Routine can often change as we move into the Summer Holidays, so there’s a Big Breakfast for everyone... More
The weather is nice, people are smiling…It’s time to get out onto the street and preach The Good News... More
How well do you know the story of Thomas Becket? Well the new play, A Turbulent Priest, is about to give... More
As we live our lives as Christians, we hear things, we experience things and we learn things. But often,... More

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