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Last on: Saturday 16 Jan 8:00 am

3 Wives and 20 Siblings Under 1 Roof - Brother Chindah

Wednesday 26th June 2019 - 01:00 pm

Chindah Chindah, also known as Brother Chindah, has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share about romantic relations, as well as family relations! Listen back as tells us about his upcoming 'Couples Connect Conference 2019' taking place in London on Saturday 6th July, which includes talks from international and best-selling Authors, Dr Gary Chapman (‘The 5 Love Languages’) and Dr John Gray, (‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’) - Plus he delves into his past, growing up with his dad having 3 wives (at the same time!) and being 1 of 20 children! Did it work??

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