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Last on: Saturday 16 Jan 8:00 am

Teaching under 5s about sex and death! With Annie Wilmott

Saturday 15th June 2019 - 07:35 am

So what do you call it with your kids? Their Privates? Foo Foo? Front bottom? Pee Pee? Well whatever you call “down there”, at some point you’ll have to use the real terms and explain what they’re used for! But should this be done just as readily as you teach them ABC & 123? Annie Wilmott, from honestconversation.co.uk, joined Craig Wakeling to explain why we shouldn’t shy away from telling children the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth…So help me God!

But whether we like it or not, it is becoming compulsory for all schools and academies, primary and secondary, to follow certain guidelines in teaching sex education. Gareth Cheesman, Esteem Network Director for acet UK, joined the conversation. acet UK support churches, charities and schools in tackling the delicate issues of relationships and sex from a Christian foundation.

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