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Last on: Saturday 16 Jan 8:00 am

VeggieTales, a Christian animation for kids, began way back in the early nineties, and is still going... More
Author, Melissa Mason, explains why she is proud to bring out a children's book that represents children... More
Hitting our cinemas on Friday November 29th, is a new film called The Biggest Little Farm, which documents... More
The Pilgrim's Progress is regarded as a literary masterpiece by John Bunyan and has now been adapted... More
David Shosanya is heading up the Hungry Little Minds campaign, run by the Institute of Wellbeing, in... More
Comedian Tony Vino popped by to tell us of his new Hungry for Laughter Tour. However in doing so, he... More
TV Comedy Writer and Author, Paul Kerensa, has brought out his 3rd children's books - Joe's Bros and... More
Jason Stonier was raised in a loving household by a Buddhist and a Christian. How did this start in life... More