In The Dock Podcast

The Honourable Sir Jeremy Cooke and Ranti Williams present the show that helps you understand the law as you live out your Christian faith in a secular world and explores the biblical principles behind the big legal issues.

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Medical ethics lawyer Charles Foster and Sir Jeremy Cooke discuss the legal and philosophical issues around what makes a person a person in law. Are you a person in the womb? What about if you ‘lose your mind’? Are Christians born again the same ‘persons’ they once were?
ADF lawyer Laurence Wilkinson and leading genocide expert Professor William Schabas talk about how the legal definition is not always enough to stop mass murder. Sir Jeremy Cooke, Ranti Williams and Rachel Huston discuss how Christians respond.
Former chair of the Lawyers Christian Fellowship John Scriven talks with Sir Jeremy Cooke to ask if our laws are becoming more secular and if so whether it matters?
On this week’s In the Dock we’re joined by a young woman called Aisling Hubert who took out a private prosecution against two doctors to challenge the law on abortion. Hear how the case panned out and what some Christian’s views are on this controversial issue.
There have been a growing number of ‘freedom of conscience’ cases and they’re not going away. People want to feel they can do their job and follow their faith. Laurence Wilkinson a lawyer with ADF International working in this area joins Sir Jeremy Cooke, Ranti Williams and Rachel Huston to discuss the pros and cons of allowing people to opt out of parts of their job for religious reasons. We also hear from Elinor Grimmark, a Swedish midwife who took her country to court over the right to opt out of abortions.
Sir Jeremy Cooke and Ranti Williams take a look at the importance of writing your will and lawyer Paul Martin gives some advice on how to issue power of attorney.
This week’s In the Dock looks at the laws around immigration and hears from someone caught up in the red tape. We get the low down on the ever-changing laws and fees forced on those wanting to put down roots in the British Isles. We hear from Dami Makinde, Shauneen Lamb from Just for Kids Law, Steve Symonds from Amnesty International as well as getting a biblical perspective on this whole hot topic from Sir Jeremy Cooke and Ranti Williams.
Sir Jeremy Cooke, Ranti Williams and Rachel Huston are joined by retired high court judge Sir Michael Tugendhat, author of Liberty Intact which explores the history of human rights in English law and what it means for Christians.
Lawyer David Foster talks to In the Dock about the legal and moral issues around assisted dying and discusses the case of Noel Conway: a terminally ill man who won the right to have the law challenged, potentially allowing him to end his life at home with his family. Featuring Sir Jeremy Cooke, Ranti Williams and Rachel Huston.
Retired high court judge Sir Jeremy Cooke is joined by family solicitor and judge David Hodson, Ranti Williams and Rachel Huston to ask how Christian couples do divorce.