Episode 3 - Revolution

Saturday 9th January 2021 - 05:00 pm

Not a lot of people know that" said Michael Caine. And not a lot of people know the impact the church has had on the world through two millennia. From the first century to the present day, a whistle stop tour of the Jesus revolution. with some great music, humour from the python team, and the challenge of Jesus to change the world. Not to be missed! 


Song: Revolution: Kirk Franklin

Comedy: Monty Python - Life of Brian

Song: Talking about revolution - Tracy Chapman

Tony Campolo in Honolulu

Song: Roxanne: The Police

Song: Amazing Grace: Judy Collins

Film: Clip from film "Amazing Grace"

Comedy: Monty Python: Four Yorkshiremen

Song: Oh Freedom: The Golden Gospel Singers 

Comedy: Monty Python : Spanish Inquisition.

Song: Larry Norman: Great American Novel

Song: John Legend: Glory

TV clip: Revelation TV Jackie Pullinger interview

Song: U2: Pride (In the name of love)

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