Episode 6 - Jesus

Saturday 30th January 2021 - 05:00 pm

Jesus - Son of God, Saviour, Lord of Glory. In one since He has been the theme of all the other episodes, since he forgives, caused a revolution, suffered in our place, and heals our pain, and leads us to heaven. His name has never lost its ancient power. Music from Handel, Depeche Mode, Leonard Cohen, Stormzy, and some great worship songs. No jargon. Ordinary language which can be understood by not-yet-christians. Switch it on in the kitchen so that your unsuspecting family members can hear it. But beware, they might start following Him. 


Background Gregorian chant - Enigma

Personal Jesus - Def Leppard cover of song by Depeche Mode.

Did Jesus exist? - Glenn Scrivener from Premier's "Unbelievable"

The Outlaw - Larry Norman

The Tune - Larry Norman

Stand up - Middle Eastern Jesus - John Fugelsang

Trenchtown Blues (Jesus Film song) - Andy Scarcliffe

Stewart Lee - Jesus is the answer (Stand up)

Bible - David Suchet

School's out - Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper interview - Greg Laurie

Is the resurrection true? - Tom Wright

New Age Testimony - Chelsea Peat

Come to the altar - Elevation worship

Sunday's on the way - Shirley Caesar

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