Rebuilding Brexit Britain - Episode 4 - History

Saturday 30th November 2019 - 02:00 pm

In the final episode of our series Rebuilding Brexit Britain Revd. David Senior asks us to consider Brexit within a historical context. Speaking in the last programme David says: “People now regularly describe themselves as Leavers or Remainers to describe what tribe they belong to. We no longer fire musketballs or burn heretics but the passions are the same.” Historian Martyn Whittock argues Christians should stop clinging on to nationalism and realise the Kingdom of God is a “non-ethnic, non-national, international body.” Bishop of Kensington Graham Tomlin says our duty as a Church now is hold the two sides together just as The Church attempted to do during the Reformation and writer Sarah Phillips argues Christians have an opportunity here as people lose confidence in democracy to point people towards what they really should hold on to God.

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