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Broadcast every Saturday at 4pm, The Profile is an in-depth interview, delving into the lives of well known Christians, their work and their faith journey.

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Simon Thomas seemingly had it all. A successful and enviable career in TV, a loving family and a strong... More
Dr. Amy Orr-Ewing is a leading evangelist and apologist who is senior vice president with Ravi Zacharias... More
Sam Hailes meets the well-known theologian and minister Sinclair Ferguson on this week’s show. Sinclair... More
Megan Cornwell meets Bernard Hibbs from The Bruderhof – a Christian community where all possessions are... More
On this week’s show, Megan Cornwell sits down with comedian Bec Hill, who is currently performing at... More
On this week’s show, Tim Farron tells Sam Hailes how reading books on prophecy and apologetics played... More
On this week’s show, the national leader of New Wine sits down with Premier Christianity’s Sam Hailes.... More
There are people walking the streets today who were formerly on death row in Uganda. Alexander McLean... More
The co-founder of Christian charity CARE reflects on a lifetime of campaigning in this in-depth interview... More

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