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Doug Williams: Pastoring a diverse congregation in London’s East End

Saturday 27th January 2018 - 04:00 pm

"As I look back over my shoulder it's a bit like a train wreck," Doug Williams says when asked about his upbringing. "My Dad had three wives - in Nigeria, in Sierra Leone and then my Mum in London." The Pastor is open and upfront about his early years, telling stories of growing up in institutional care and the many challenges that brought.

Today he's pastoring a diverse congregation in the East End of London - Emmanuel Community Church International. He believes Christians need to have courage and stand up for the truth in our increasingly secular society, but he's optimistic about the future of the UK Church and passionate about raising up the next generation. Emmanuel have even opened a school and are reaching hundreds of young people through various projects.

The musician and international speaker also recalls his time in the chart topping and pioneering 80s band 'Paradise' and explains how mentoring has played a vital role in his discipleship and ministry. 

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