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Glen Scrivener: Making viral videos to spread the gospel

Saturday 25th November 2017 - 04:00 pm

Glen Scrivener has a track record of producing videos which go viral online. In this in depth interview, he discusses past projects and reveals his upcoming #MeetTheNativity series which is designed to communicate the true message of Christmas this December. Glen, who is often described as an 'evangelist', says he has mixed feelings about the term. He also tells the heartwarming story of how despite being deported back to his native Australia (and praying a very "cheeky" prayer), he managed to woo his now wife Emma. He also discusses why "the call" to ministry isn't as dramatic as some assume and recalls learning from John Stott while training at All Soul's Langham Place. In addressing an increasingly secular society, Glen argues the problem is not confined to "the nasty world out there" but an unfruitful Church. 

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