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JD from Hillsong United: Revival, worship and unity

Saturday 1st June 2019 - 04:00 pm

Jonathon Douglass (aka ‘JD’) has been making music with Hillsong United since the very beginning. What began as a church youth band based in Sydney, Australia has become a global phenomenon. Hillsong United have led worship in some of the world’s biggest stadiums, and their songs (‘Oceans’, ‘So Will I’, ‘Hosanna’) are sung by churches on every continent. At the end of May, the band released their 14th live album, entitled People. In this interview with Premier Christianity’s Sam Hailes, JD explains how the release was inspired in part by a sense of nostalgia as the band reflected on the early days of making music. JD also claims that despite Australia being a “secular nation”, the church is “on the rise” and suggests he’s witnessing “the early days of a fresh revival”.

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