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Life after Delirious? - Martin Smith on making music for those outside the Church

Saturday 8th December 2018 - 04:00 pm

Don't assume a generation can only be touched through walking into a Church building. That's Martin Smith's message in this in-depth interview. The former Delirious? frontman is more convinced than ever that God can work miracles through the music that's played in pubs and clubs (and the Almighty isn't reliant on that music carrying a 'Christian' label in order for him to work supernaturally). The writer of worship classics such as 'Did you feel the mountains tremble?', 'Majesty' and 'Lord you have my heart' opens up about a variety of subjects, including how travelling to third world nations changed the direction of his music. He also expresses concern that a consumerism mentality might be skewing how some young people view church services. Smith has sat through hundreds of media interviews over the course of his career, but as well as us asking the questions he's probably heard before ("Will Delirious? ever get back together?"), we also manage to put one question to Martin Smith that he's never been asked before...

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