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Petr Jasek: The persecuted Christian who shared a cell with terrorists // Lois Tverberg: Why discovering Jesus' Jewish context will enrich your faith

Saturday 21st July 2018 - 04:00 pm

On the first part of today's show, Alex Williams meets Petr Jasek, a Christian worker who spent 450 days in prison in Sudan for offences including spying and inciting violence against the state. Petr always denied any wrongdoing, insisting he was in Sudan to document persecution against Christians there. Ostracised by other prisoners, he was beaten and found himself sharing a cell with Islamic State fighters. Wrangling by diplomats from numerous countries eventually secured his release last year. In this interview, Petr talks about life in prison and how his faith brought him through his harrowing ordeal.

In part two of The Profile, Sam Hailes sits down with Lois Tverberg, author of new book Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus. Lois shares her story of growing up in a Lutheran family, becoming a scientist and later discovering how studying the Hebraic background and context to the Bible can make the scriptures come alive in a fresh way. Lois speaks passionately about her life's work and shares a number of insights which will help Christians understand Christ's words in the New Testament. She also shares openly about the need to avoid dangerous excesses which can sometimes be found within the Jewish Roots movement. 

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