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RT Kendall: Bringing the Word and the Spirit together

Saturday 20th January 2018 - 04:00 pm

RT Kendall doesn’t look like a heretic. He doesn’t sound like one either. But in the mid 80s he almost lost his job leading one of London’s most famous churches when he was accused of antinomianism: the claim that Christians are not obliged to follow God’s moral law. The controversy centred around a book he had written called Once Saved, Always Saved, in which he wore his Calvinist theology on his sleeve: that salvation is by sheer grace and not because of anything we do. Kendall laughs when he recalls the episode, saying that it was the testimonies of those who read the book that rescued him. "They said it made them want to be more godly," he shares. This wasn’t the only controversy Kendall would weather in 25 years of eventful ministry at Westminster Chapel. By the end of it, he saw himself as much a Brit as an American and, through his speaking and books, was regarded as a statesman of the UK evangelical Church by the time he retired in 2002. Justin Brierley hears the full story. 

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