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Broadcast every Saturday at 4pm, The Profile is an in-depth interview, delving into the lives of well known Christians, their work and their faith journey.

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Luke Barnes is an Australian astrophycist and expert on the 'fine tuning' of the Universe. He talks to Justin Brierley about his faith, life and work.
This week on The Profile, Sam Hailes interviews author and speaker Chick Yuill and Dami Okeke meets the multi award-winning Nigerian Gospel singer Sinach.
Diarmaid MacCulloch is Professor of the History of the Church at Oxford, the author of numerous books including A History of Christianity and an award winning broadcaster. He talks to Sam Hailes about his life and career and explains why he believes the Church of England's position on gay marriage is wrong. The historian also unpacks why history should matter for Christians today, and reveals how his own Christian faith has changed over the years.
This week on The Profile, Justin Brierley meets Brian McLaren. The speaker, activist and public theologian is the author of numerous books including A New Kind of Christian, The Secret Message of Jesus and most recently The Great Spiritual Migration. In 2005 Time magazine listed the former pastor as one of the 25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America. In this in-depth interview Brian explains why he's a passionate advocate both for “a new kind of Christianity” and the truth of the scriptures.
Trevin Wax is the Bible and Reference Publisher for LifeWay - one of the largest providers of Christian resources in the world. In this in-depth interview Trevin, who is now based in Nashville, explains how living and working in Romania changed his view of the USA. Introducing his latest book This Is Our Time, Trevin says our smartphones are lying to us, and says Christians must be careful to avoid aggressive worldliness when it comes to cultural engagement. The pastor and managing editor of The Gospel Project also comments on why so many white evangelicals continue to support Donald Trump and reveals how his love for the work of the 'Prince of Preachers' Charles Haddon Spurgeon brought him to the UK.
Shawn Bolz is a prolific contemporary prophet in the charismatic movement. In this wide ranging interview with Premier's Tony Aris, Shawn explains how he teaches Christians to operate in the prophetic gift. Shawn is the founder of Expression58 church which is situated in the heart of Hollywood and reaching everyone from film stars to the homeless.
Christy Wimber is a significant leader in the USA Vineyard church movement. In this edition of the show she tell Katie Stock why she took the decision to close down her church in Yorba Linda, California and why Christians who believe in miracles and healing also need to develop a theology of suffering.

Sam Hailes meets one of the leading thinkers on Christianity and culture. Greg Garrett shares his story from growing up as a Southern Baptist in the USA to now identifying as an Episcopalian. He also talks about working with the late great Brennan Manning, discusses whether Christians should watch Game of Thrones and introduces his new book: Living with the Living Dead: The Wisdom of the Zombie Apocalypse. Explaining he's attracted to the big questions of life, Greg also discusses his study of the Holocaust and tackles the age-old question of how an all powerful, loving God can allow suffering.
Popular Christian apologist and former Muslim Nabeel Qureshi died last Saturday after after a year-long battle with stomach cancer. He was 34. As tributes pour in from around the world, Premier Christian Radio are re-airing Justin Brierley's Profile interview with Nabeel. In this in depth interview, Nabeel shared his remarkable testimony and explained why he no longer believed Islam is a religion of peace.
Alistair Begg is an internationally renowned preacher and host of the popular 'Truth for Life' radio program and podcast. In this in depth interview, Alistair talks about life growing up in Scotland, his subsequent move to America, why he believes the Bible is inerrant and what made him get involved with the forthcoming 'Spurgeon Study Bible'. Although he's known as a 'Reformed' preacher, Alastair explains why he's never used the label himself and addresses issues surrounding evangelism and Western scepticism to the Christian faith.