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I lead the Eco Church team in our church - if you haven’t heard of it, it’s a brilliant award scheme to help Christians of all denominations to engage, in both practical and spiritual ways, in caring for... More

Claire is a moral philosopher, theologian, national expert on environmental and medical ethics, and director of the Westminster Abbey Institute which works to revitalise moral and spiritual values in public... More

It would be fair to say that Rev Richard Teal’s year as President of the Methodist Conference hasn’t quite worked the way he would have liked it to.  More

Harry Baker is bright, funny, interesting and thoughtful, and so clever with words it takes your breath away - all of which is pretty much how he’s managed to be a full-time poet (not something any careers... More

Sister Frances Dominica in her own gentle way, has changed the world. More

Welcome to this new series of Travellers’ Tales!I’m very glad to be back on Premier, and excited to be able to introduce you, week by week, to some really interesting people, with great stories to tell... More

Soon after my Dad was diagnosed with cancer, I went along to a 24-7 prayer event at one of our local churches.  I had the place to myself, and I spent a long time there, encouraged by the way it was set... More

Darlington is a very long way north. It wasn’t until I was whizzing past York on the train that I realised just how far north I was heading (geography’s never been a strong point), but the trip was so... More

An Anglican priest, writer and broadcaster, Jo Jepson made headlines as a curate when she took on a landmark legal case over the issue of cleft palate abortions, catapulting her into the media spotlight... More

It was an enormous privilege to meet John Fieldsend. A very lovely man, with a remarkable story.Now a retired Anglican clergyman, he was born to Jewish parents in Dresden in 1931 – but when the rise of... More