I think Inderjit Bhogal may in fact be a living saint. I’m a bit hazy on the criteria, but his huge heart for the marginalised and sidelined, and those who find themselves isolated and disenfranchised,... More

Something we often seem to be missing in 21st century life is a sense of being part of an ongoing continuum, a line of people, tradition and practices going back centuries and, God-willing, forward into... More

Sonia Hicks, the new President of the Methodist Conference, has set out a vision of welcome and acceptance for her year in office: ’there’s a place for everyone at God’s Table’. And her family knows what... More

Over the past 7 years, the Rev Nick Bundock, and the people of his church in Didsbury, Manchester, have been on a heartbreaking, difficult, but revolutionary journey, to become an Inclusive Church. More

Leroy Logan is only too aware that to be played by A list actor John Boyega is pretty amazing! His story, starring Boyega, was told in ‘Red, White and Blue’ as part of film director Steve McQueen’s Small... More

Matt Woodcock was a newspaper journalist, very happy in his dream job until he had what he calls a ‘Road to Selby’ experience! Driving to cover a court case in the Yorkshire town, he felt the presence... More

In 2014, Hannah Rose Thomas was in Jordan as part of an Arabic degree, when UNHCR asked her to run an art project with Syrian refugees. Since then she has found powerful ways to combine art with humanitarian... More

Paul Morrison’s life plan was to be a scientist. Science and data were what excited him, leading him into an immunology degree, followed by a specialism in vaccine design, and starting a company to licence... More

Mary Colwell is a woman obsessed…. about one particular bird. The focus of her obsession is the curlew, and it is this bird, with its long curved beak and haunting cry - its survival, and ability to thrive... More

In 2010, 33 miners were brought to the surface of Chile’s San Jose mine after being trapped for 69 days, 7 hundred metres below the surface. By anyone’s standards, they shouldn’t have survived. Finding... More