Travellers' Tales with Kate Bottley

Sunday 2nd August 2015 - 07:00 pm

To meet Kate Bottley is to meet a pocket-sized force of nature, with a penchant for fabulous shoes (evidence: left), full of energy, full of fun and full of faith.

Church of England vicar of the Nottinghamshire parishes of Blyth, Scrooby, and Ranskill, she's best known as the Gogglebox vicar: the TV show which watches people, watching telly. We've met before but it was great to sit down with her and have a proper chat about how fancying the vicar's son (reader, she married him) helped bring her to faith, and, several years later, the way she came to realise God was calling her to be a priest (a very funny story).

She talks about the wedding flashmob - 6 million YouTube hits and counting - that brought her to the attention of Channel 4, and how she deals with the criticism she gets for having done both, usually from Christians and often shockingly brutal. She's thought it through thoroughly and, as far as she's concerned, the point is to normalise faith, and, a self confessed right show off as a child, now, as an adult, to be a show off for Jesus.

Meet her on Travellers' Tales.

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