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Unbelievable? engages in fundamental questions on Christianity with the intention to openly discuss different opinions between Christians and non-believers.

Each Saturday, in the award-winning programme Unbelievable, Justin Brierley asks questions like: 

Is there evidence for God? Can we trust the Bible? Did Jesus rise from the dead?

Justin tackles these and other issues, on a show that gets Christians and non-believers talking to each other.

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Email the show: unbelievable@premier.org.uk 


Unbelievable? the Book available now!

Read the story behind the show and how Justin responds to those who ask, "How come you still believe?". You can also download a free sample chapter of the book. www.unbelievablebook.co.uk

Unbelievable? the Conference 2017 DVD/MP3 CD and Digital Download also now available!


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