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Billy Graham passed away on 21 Feb 2018 at the age of 99.  Justin Brierley traces the life and legacy of the famed evangelist speaking to friends, relatives and ministry colleagues who knew him person... More

From Muslims seeing Christ to the provision of a marriage partner, God is reaching people through dreams More

It’s 500 years since Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to a church door in Wittenberg and kickstarted the Protestant Reformation. Michael Reeves explains why it matters More

What makes someone turn from Catholic to Protestant or vice versa? Justin Brierley meets two converts who crossed in opposite directions of the dividing lines of the Reformation. More

How can learning about our brain’s hardwiring enable us to be more persuasive? Steve Adams explains More

What makes an atheist want to listen to a Christian radio show? Drawing from his new book, Justin Brierley explains why believers need to learn the art of good conversations again More

Ahead of Unbelievable? the Conference 2017 Justin Brierley traces the stories of three women whose intellectual journey led to their conversion from atheism to Christianity  More

Hundreds of archaeological findings are confirming the biblical record. Peter S Williams looks at some of the most interesting discoveries More

As Marriage Week (7-14 February) kicks off, J.John explains why Christians need to fight back against a culture which devalues marriage  More

Joe Ogborn explains how going to church with his atheist friend Tom has shaped his own faith More

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