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With the release of Unbelievable? Why, after ten years of talking with atheists, I'm still a Christian, Justin Brierley makes the case for a creator  More

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California’s most prominent charismatic church, led by Bill Johnson, divides opinion. Andy Peck finds out why some believe Bethel is seeing heaven come to earth, and others claim that it’s a deception... More

Do atheists have a monopoly on science? ‘No’ says theologian Alister McGrath, responding to three questions raised by physicist Jim Al-Khalili   More

Scientist and BBC broadcaster Jim Al-Khalili is president of the British Humanist Association. He tells Justin Brierley why his search for meaning hasn’t led him to God    More

The gospel isn’t a moral code or a formula for getting people into heaven, says New Testament scholar Tom Wright More

Australian pastor and justice activist Jarrod McKenna was arrested four times last year, but has been described as ‘the sort of God botherer that you don’t mind being bothered by’. Justin Brierley meets... More