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Mormon Michael Flournoy believes he has a relationship with Jesus. Justin Brierley finds out what that means. More

According to its leader, Rev Nicky Gumbel, Holy Trinity Brompton’s planting strategy is part of a ‘hidden revival’ in the UK Church. Justin Brierley finds out more. More

Archbishop Justin Welby reflects on what we can learn about sharing our faith from Caravaggio’s painting The Calling of Saint Matthew. More

Drawing on his studies in forensic pathology, David Instone-Brewer explores the science of crucifixion. More

Justin Brierley investigates why new evidence that the cloth is a genuine relic of the resurrection is capturing the interest of evangelicals and Catholics alike. More

Former Muslim Nabeel Qureshi explains how his search for the truth about Jesus in scripture led to his conversion. More

Asylum seeker Javaid Khan, 36, tells of his conversion from Islam to Christianity, and the consequences of following Jesus Christ. More

Amy Orr-Ewing assesses whether belief can be treated like a pair of trousers that no longer fit – and what to do when doubt strikes. More

Former pastor Ryan J Bell is becoming an atheist...for a year. Justin Brierley finds out what led to his unusual experiment. More

Christian apologists Simon Edwards and Heather Tomlinson respond to AC Grayling’s claims. More

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