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Stem cells are an early development form of cells with the potential to turn into any part of the human... More
In the age of Trump, the term ‘evangelical’ is increasingly associated with right-wing political views... More
Lord Richard Harries is the former Bishop of Oxford and a life peer in the House of Lords. His book ‘The... More
In the second part of their debate Greg Boyd and Paul Copan continue their conversation about Boyd's... More
Greg Boyd's new 2-volume book The Crucifixion Of The Warrior God is a new theological approach to understanding... More
Street Epistemology has become popular among many atheists as a conversational way to interrogate people's... More
Myron B Penner wrote 'The End of Apologetics: Christian witness in a postmodern context'. He argues that... More
Is it ok to take the Christ out of Christmas carols? That's what TyLean Polley has done with The Atheist... More
Hinge is a brand new documentary style podcast co-hosted by atheist Cory Markum and Christian pastor... More

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