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Dr Denis Alexander is a notable British proponent of theistic evolution – the view that Christianity... More
Krish Kandiah’s new book ‘Faitheism: Why Christians and Atheists have more in common than you think’,... More
Renowned New Testament scholar NT (Tom) Wright returns to Unbelievable? to talk about his latest book... More
Aliyah Saleem was a Muslim at one time but is now an atheist. She tells her story and those of other... More
In the third Big Conversation episode, Justin is joined by illusionist Derren Brown and popstar-turned-media-priest... More
In a podcast special Justin goes head to head with atheist podcast host David Smalley debating Justin’s... More
In the second Big Conversation episode, Justin is joined by Harvard professor of psychology Steven Pinker... More
Sir Colin Humphreys is a Cambridge scientist with an interest in Biblical studies. His book ‘The Miracles... More
Launching The Big Conversation debate series, Justin is joined by Canadian psychologist Jordan B Peterson... More

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