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The Atheist Prayer Experiment Show 2 - Unbelievable?

Saturday 17th November 2012 - 02:30 am

70 atheists spent 40 days praying for God to reveal himself to them. In this second show reflecting on the Atheist Prayer Experiment, Oxford Philosopher Tim Mawson joins Justin Brierley as they hear from more of those who took part.

Kelly tells why she now believes in God, while Rachel, Ally, Bob & Charlie explain why, despite some interesting coincidences and events, they do not see these as signs of God's existence.

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For Tim Mawson see http://www.philosophy.ox.ac.uk/members/philosophy_panel/tim_mawson  

For more Christian/non-Christian debate visit http://www.premier.org.uk/unbelievable or get the MP3 podcast http://ondemand.premier.org.uk/unbelievable/AudioFeed.asp  or Via Itunes

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