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Unbelievable? Brian McLaren & Andrew Wilson debate Jesus and the Bible

Saturday 29th November 2014 - 02:30 pm

Emerging Church leader Brian McLaren and evangelical leader Andrew Wilson debate whether we need to rethink scripture in a podcast special hosted by Justin.

The two debates examine whether we’ve made an idol of the Bible and the way that Jesus read scripture. They cover issues such as Old Testament law, homosexuality, contradictions, the use and abuse of scripture, the resurrection and male and female equality.

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To watch the video debate series and for further articles http://www.premierchristianity.com/bibledebate 

For ‘We Make the Road By Walking’: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Make-Road-Walking-Reorientation-Activation/dp/1444703706 

For the ‘Unbreakable’: https://www.10ofthose.com/products/16631/Unbreakable/ 

For more faith debates visit www.premierchristianradio.com/unbelievable 

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