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Unbelievable? Religious experience, relationships & apologetics - Richard Morgan & Frances Janusz

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Saturday 23rd July 2016 - 02:30 pm

Richard Morgan was an atheist for many years before a sudden epiphany (via the Richard Dawkins website) brought him to Christian faith. He enjoys dialoguing online with other atheists but finds apologetics limited in how far it can persuade people. 8 years on from his conversion he takes an 'apophatic' approach to his faith and believes relationships are far more important than argument and evidence.

Frances Janusz has been an atheist most of her life. She has been a friend of Richard since they started chatting on the Unbelievable discussion group. Having investigated apologetics she hasn't met an argument that seems convincing. She talks with Richard and Justin about religious experience, evidence, and what it would take for her to become a Christian.

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