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Unbelievable? Render unto Caesar - Should the church keep out of economic politics? Andy Walton vs James Price

Saturday 15th December 2018 - 02:30 pm

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby gave a keynote speech at the UK Trade Union Congress in September 2018 calling for the government to change its tax and welfare policies in order to support the neediest in society.

James Price of the Taxpayers Alliance strongly criticised Welby’s intervention, quoting Jesus’ words ‘Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s’ and saying the Archbishop should ‘stick to his theological work’.

Left-leaning Christian journalist Andy Walton praised Justin Welby’s speech. He debates James on what Jesus’ famous statement means, and whether religious leaders should keep out of the politics of taxation and the welfare state.  

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For James Price: https://www.taxpayersalliance.com/comment_on_justin_welby_s_higher_tax_proposals

For Andy Walton https://twitter.com/waltonandy 

For Justin Welby’s speech in full https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QewjUsHmScs 

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