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Unbelievable? Theistic evolution, biology and purpose – Denis Alexander & Perry Marshall (plus Dominic Done)

Saturday 4th August 2018 - 02:30 pm

Dr Denis Alexander is a notable British proponent of theistic evolution – the view that Christianity and Darwinian evolution are perfectly compatible. Many atheist biologists claim that evolution has disproved the idea of purpose in biology. Denis’ new book ‘Is There Purpose in Biology? The cost of existence and the God of love’ sets out how he believes Christians can still discern God’s purposes in evolutionary history.  

Denis is joined in discussion by Perry Marshall, author of ‘Evolution 2.0’ which draws on his research into biology, intelligent design and evolution to show that neo-Darwinian evolutionary theory is no longer tenable.

Towards the end of the show Justin is joined by Dominic Done of Westside: A Jesus Church in Portland with a look ahead to Unbelievable? the Conference USA on Fri 31 Aug and Sat 1 Sep.

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For Denis Alexander’s book Is There Purpose In Biology?: http://www.lionhudson.com/page/detail/?k=9780857217141 

For Perry Marshall’s book Evolution 2.0: https://www.amazon.com/Evolution-2-0-Breaking-Deadlock-between/dp/1940363802/ 

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Unbelievable? the Conference USA, Portland, 31 Aug & Sat 1 Sep https://westsideajc.org/unbelievable-conference 

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