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If passed, the HFE Bill could entail big changes to abortion law. With 600 abortions carried out every... More
The HFE Bill going through Parliament will allow the creation of animal-human "hybrid" embryos. Lord... More
Michael Donovan is a committed evangelical Christian. He is also a Freemason. Doug Harris of the Reachout... More
Justin Brierley presents segments of some of the varied discussions and debates between Christians and... More
Justin is joined by atheist Robert Stovold who claims that Christians stole Christmas! He says the Gospel... More
Patrick Sookhdeo of the Barnabus Fund claims in his book "Global Jihad" that Islam needs to abandon scriptures... More
Justin Brierley addresses the controversial children's blockbuster "The Golden Compass" that was released... More
Rabbi Reuben Livingstone and Alex Jacob of the Churches Ministry among Jewish People discuss Salvation.... More
Atheist Hemant Mehta offered to go to church for the highest bidder on eBay. In the end he visited 15... More
Agnostic sceptic Stephen Pilcher believes that Christian claims to healing are tricks of the mind. Can... More

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