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The Rainbow Through the Rain

The Rainbow Through The Rain tells the story of Geoffrey Mowat, the grandfather of Justin Brierley. Geoff was a Prisoner of War under the Japanese during World War 2, which included time spent under brutal conditions in the construction of Burma’s ‘Death Railway’. Through the experience Geoff developed a call to ministry in the church of England. When the programme first aired ten years ago it won First Prize in the Sandford St Martin Religious Broadcasting awards. The programme was recently rebroadcast to mark 70 years since the formal surrender of the Japanese to the Allies, bringing an end to World War 2 in the Far East.

To read more about Geoff’s story: http://www.premierchristianity.com/Past-Issues/2015/September-2015/The-rainbow-through-the-rain

To request to buy a copy of the book on which the programme is based email rainbowttr@btinternet.com

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